"Officina Martello" was founded in 1948. It was specializes in producing tungsten-carbide hammers, better known as Widia, to revive millstones. It was the first firm in Italy to use tungsten carbide in making tools for the working of marbles and granites, such as pick-drills, chisels, bush-hammers, teeth chisels and so on.

- Since 1970 the Officina Martello (by Luigi Martello) has been acquired and directed by GIORGI'S BROTHERS.

- In 1972, according to market evolution and using new tecnologies, Officina Martello di GIORGI F.LLI s.r.l. started the production of MILLING-CUTTERS to make bass-relieves, engravings, mouldings and so on. These milling-cutter could also be used by hydraulic or computer numerical-controlled machines.

- Since 1975 Officina Martello di GIORGI F.LLI s.r.l. has started the production of new and revolutionary twist and pick drills; they could be used on rotation and percussion drills.
It was BRYON, a universal twist/pick drill, available of several sizes. It was the result of such a long experience, the use of very high quality raw materials and the application of high tecnology.

- Since 2002 we've been producing single lip chisels pantograph by using innovative machinery.
Our tools are very hight performance-products we also produce PCD - Poly-Crystalline Diamond insertions, used in marble and granite workings.

- Since Dicember 2008 Officina Martello di GIORGI F.LLI s.r.l. has become an electrical workshop by putting into service a completly integrate photovoltaic system (45 kWp power).
We produce clean power, reducing the letting of CO2 in the atmosphere and protecting enviroment.

- Since 2020 - 50th Anniversary
Thanks to the history of successes, Officina Martello di GIORGI F.LLI s.r.l. has got a large connection in Europe and all over the world, in working marble and granite tools.